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Education Technology Learning Summit: Teaching and Learning with the iPad

I am currently in Raleigh, North Carolina attending a educational conference. I will post the excellent resources right here on my blog. So far, I am impressed with what we have learned and confident that our Miller project is on the right track!



Apple Configurator – not available in Canada eh?

Here’s the deal… I have successfully set up over 70 iPads using individual Gmail accounts and iTunes accounts because the volume purchasing licence for education is not available in Canada.  Lots of time and effort, too bad there wasn’t a better way…hold on…what’s that?  I see this wonderful new Macbook App called Configurator – it will save so much time , I’ll be able to have a life once again!  Uh…just a second…it is not available in Canada at this time?


Blog Update – Yes…a real post from me…:)

Curation of the internet is one of the newest “Fads”… and I’m all over it!  Believe it or not, the internet has some good stuff out there!  Just take a look at Pinterest,  Stumbleupon, Pearltrees, Storify, ….just to name a few.

My blog is less opinion and more information – which suits me fine!  There are a few times that I may post my thoughts or ideas relating to a particular topic, but by and large, this blog is an information piece to share with my colleagues.  Take my advice and try out some of the curation tools on the web – you’ll be glad you posted and passed on that link for the crochet beard that you found online!

– Jodi

iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity

This is a fantastic Blog with great ideas and links for using the iPad as a creative tool for all subjects!


Codify: Coding for the iPad Made Simple

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Codify is a platform that game designers, educators and students can use to create games or simulations. Codify allows users to build and play interactive games and simulations directly on their device.

How to setup iPads for school rollout

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In September 2011, I completed a roll out a complete class set of iPads for use in Social Studies, History and Astronomy classes. The big question that I have sought to figure out is how do I setup these tablets in a quick and efficient way.

TEDxManhattanBeach – Thomas Suarez – iPhone Application Developer. . .and 6th Grader

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Thomas Suarez is a 6th grade student at a middle school in the South Bay. Tom been fascinated by computers and technology since before kindergarten. Recently…

iPad Curriculum

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Great site with multiple app reviews and how the app can enrich learning.

iPad Activities- Globally Connected Learning Consulting

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Globally Connected Learning Consulting is proud to present iPad activities for educators and students to gain fluency and use the iPad as a learning and creation tool.