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Marauders in Black – Miller’s Robotics Team

Please check out the link to our website and follow our MIB students on their path to the Provincial Skills Canada Competition in April!

MIB Robotics 2017marauders-in-black


Maker Resources – Excellent ideas!

Maker ED – fantastic sitemaker-ed-logo-horizontal

World’s Maker Faire – NY – Sept/Oct 2016

img_6078I had an opportunity to experience the world!

 After 2 years of working with Makerspaces and Technology initiatives, I was able to travel to New York to attend the World’s Maker Faire and marvel at the depth of passion and creativity that was present in every project.  It was truly inspiring to see and I hope to post upcoming ideas and projects in the very near future.

3D Printing in the Classroom?

3D Printing – Here is a PowerPoint presentation that I have done in regards to 3D printing in the classroom.  What is it? What can you create?  How does it benefit the students?


Miller Makerspace!

Miller Makerspace

Our Makerspace is officially one year old this month!  Please check out the above link as it directs you to a blog page initially created by our students!

MITE 2014 Evaluation

Click here for the evaluation

Thank you so much for attending!

 – Jodi

Collecting Attention and Assignments using iPads

How are students using personal technology? 

What technology do students currently use?  Facebook is actually not the correct answer…that along with Pinterest has become the hangout of “old people”… you know, 25 plus.

Snapchat is by far the most used personal app by our students.  One thing we must constantly remind our students of is the need to be positive digital citizens and to be aware of their online presence.







Gaining the attention and engagement of the students is not a new concept, but the advent of technology has made distractions much more readily accessible for our pupils.  Positive classroom management and daily routines help to teach our students acceptable behaviour yet allow them the freedom and creativity to use technology to assist in their learning.

One app really helps to alleviate the issues with students not paying attention while using iPads or other devices:








Kahoot – online question game








Once these apps have assisted in the engagement of your class we now have to figure out a good way to get assignments from their devices so you can give them the feedback and assessment they desire.

This has been tricky and is still in the trial process but there are two ways to have students “hand in” assignments from their devices.

  1. Google Drive

  2. One Drive

Welcome to MITE 2014 – May 16, 2014

3 Questions to ponder as we start our day together –

  1. Does Technology help or hinder student attention?

  2. Our world is changing – what are 21st Century students?

  3. Technology and Digital courage…how is that affecting our students?


*Our goal for today – continue the pursuit of technology integration acknowledging that the desired end result is student success. 

The technology we use is simply a tool of engagement and should never overshadow student achievement.