Miller iPad Project – Year One

At Miller Comprehensive High School in Regina, SK. Canada, TECHNOLOGY is quickly becoming the Educational tool of choice. We have begun a tremendous journey into the 21st Century of Education.

In a ground breaking 3 year project, Staff and students will be able to harness the educational power of Apple’s iPads and use this technology to explore learning.

This project is the brain child of Principal J. Bresciani and Vice Principal K. Hammond. I have been added to the list as the Educational Leader in charge of Technology and Practical and Applied Arts.

The first stage of our project has 23 staff members learning how to utilize the iPad for their classroom. All classrooms are equipped with a data projector and the proper hook-ups so the teachers can model the use of their iPads with their students.

It is my job to teach, mentor, encourage, model, and troubleshoot all things iPad to the staff at Miller High School. There are a wide variety of users at this point – some are familiar with iPhones and the like, but others have never experienced anything Apple.

As an Admin Team, we have decided to purchase some iTunes gift cards for the staff so they can research Apps that will benefit and enrich their curricular outcomes.

It is our hope that in Stage 2, the students will bring their own devices to class.

Based on the current number of Staff involved with the project, we are at 50% of the teaching population who are willing and able to use these devices in their classrooms in order to directly benefit Miller’s students and their diverse needs.

I will keep you up to date as our project progresses.


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